Virtual Kick-off meeting

Remote Student Framework for Securing Exams

Virtual Kick-off meeting

Virtual Kick-off meeting started punctually at 10.00 CET (Central European Time). Participants received in advance the agenda of the virtual meeting and information on the calendar at the platform MS Teams, prepared by prof. Joanna Ejdys. The program was scheduled without changes and started with a welcome and presentation conducted by prof. Katarzyna Halicka, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Management, the Bialystok University of Technology (BUT), and prof. Joanna Ejdys (BUT) – head of the project.

Then Dr Konstantinos Zagoris, as one of the proposal’s co-authors, summarizes the project for participants' kick-off meetings.

After the introduction, all partners present their institutions and themselves from the competence relevant to project RSMF. They shortly describe the role in the project (contribution & expected benefits) and critical project challenge/risk or key project payoff, in their opinion. The list of participants is below.

One of the vital points of the Kick-off meeting was connected with planned results (R), presented by the responsible partner and the characteristic with main aims, tasks, and results.

Time of ending the Kick-off meeting was at 13.30. We wish each other a happy Christmas and New Year 2022.


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