Remote Student Framework for Securing Exams

Politechnika Bialostocka

Politechnika Bialostocka

The Bialystok University of Technology was originally established in 1949 as a Private Evening Engineering College with the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering departments and nationalized in 1951, Bialystok University of Technology (BUT) finally acquired its university status in 1974. The Bialystok University of Technology is a public institution of higher education subordinate to the Polish Minister of Science and Higher Education. Located in Bialystok, BUT is the largest university of its kind in the north-eastern region of Poland. It is a modern, dynamically developing institution with 70-year- old experience in educating scientists and technologists. The Bialystok University of Technology (BUT) is the largest technical university of north-eastern Polish - 6 faculties, about 7.2 thousand students, more than 640 academic teachers and 65 administrative staff. The Bialystok University of Technology has 6 Faculties (Departments): Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Computer Science, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Engineering Management.

Joanna Ejdys

Project Management Coordinator

Andrzej Pawluczuk

Coordinator of Remote Exams Guide book for Higher Education

Marta Jarocka

Task coordinator (R1): Accreditation Monitoring Framework for Securing Remote Examinations

Mateusz Kikolski

Coordinator for the dissemination of project results

Beata Madras-Kobus

Team Member

Neapolis University Pafos

Neapolis University Pafos

Neapolis University Pafos (NUP) is a private University located in Pafos, Cyprus, founded in 2010. Neapolis University Pafos (NUP) is one of the leading private universities in Cyprus, with students worldwide. It is a vibrant academic institution focusing on high-quality education and research that aims to provide top educational services to the Cypriot region and beyond. The university comprises five Schools (Economics, Administration and Computer Science, Law, Health Sciences, Architecture, Engineering, Land and Environmental Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities), serving undergraduate and postgraduate studies in more than twenty Bachelor and Master Degrees. For the past years, the University has been challenging its students with innovative courses to achieve a successful career. Known for its traditional learning and novel research, the University is breaking new grounds by transgressing the traditional boundaries of knowledge while impacting students' lives and responding to their quest for a successful career in the future. For 2017, the seventh year in a row, Neapolis University has been ranked among the top 5 universities in Cyprus.

Konstantinos Zagoris

Remote Student Monitoring Platform Director

Georgia Christou

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Anastasi Natia

Financial Management Coordinator

University Of Piraeus Research Center

University Of Piraeus Research Center

The University of Piraeus was founded as the 'School of Industrial Studies' in 1938. Today it is consisted of 4 Schools and 10 Departments, covering a wide range of study fields related to Management, Economics, Informatics, International Relations etc., while it employs over 250 faculty members and administrative personnel and serves over 12.000 students. A major target of the UniPi's strategy is to elevate the Institution to a highly ranked modern internationalized University and a respectful international focal point in research, teaching and training covering the field of all departments. As far as the Erasmus Program is concerned, UniPi has participated since its beginning in 1987. In 2007 the University of Piraeus was awarded the Erasmus Extended University Charter (31704-ERP-1-2014-1-GR-EPPKA3-ECHE), which allows the University's participation in any program action. In addition, the University of Piraeus has 2 Jean Monnet Chairs.

Enoros Consulting Limited

Enoros Consulting Limited

ENOROS Consulting Ltd was established in 2006 and has since been active in the field of Project Management in Cyprus and the European area, providing comprehensive consulting services to the public and private sectors. ENOROS objective is to provide specialized knowledge in planning, management, and evaluation of development programs and projects at national and European levels. It comprises of three Directorates (Public Sector works, Private sector projects and International & European projects), which are appropriately staffed by 10 committed consultants with high scientific education and training, extensive experience and knowledge in thematic fields relevant to the company's areas of expertise. Their disciplines have a wide range from Political Science, International Relations, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Engineering, Agronomy, etc. The company also cooperates with external experts in various thematic areas (Human Resources, Rural Development, Tourism, Immigration policies etc.) and has a wide network of local partners in the field of education and culture, youth and employment, justice and public order, human resource development, citizen protection, social innovation and entrepreneurship etc.

Konstantinos Kloudas

General Director

Irene Smeraidou

Project Manager

Unimed - Unione Delle Universita Del Mediterraneo

Unimed - Unione Delle Universita Del Mediterraneo

UNIMED - Mediterranean Universities Union, founded in 1991, is an association of Universities from Mediterranean basin countries (www.uni-med.net). It counts 130 associated Universities coming from 23 countries on both shores of the Mediterranean. UNIMED aims to develop university research and education in the Euro-Mediterranean area to contribute to scientific, cultural, social and economic cooperation. The image that best represents our association is that of a University without Walls. UNIMED carries out the following activities in favour of the associated Universities: Promotion of the international dimension of universities; Encouraging participation of its members in international projects; Planning and fundraising activities: information on a call for papers and opportunities offered by international organizations and the European Commission, partnership search, technical assistance, planning, dissemination; Promoting mobility in the Euro-Mediterranean region; Creation of thematic Subnetworks to foster scientific cooperation within specific fields; Organization of meetings, seminars and roundtables both at national and international level; Training for academic and administrative staff of Universities.

Cristina Stefanelli

Project Manager

Arianna Barletta

Assistant Project Manager

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