4th Transnational Partners Meeting in Rome, Italy

Remote Student Framework for Securing Exams

4th Transnational Partners Meeting in Rome, Italy

On October 24-25, 2023, at the headquarters of the project partner, Unimed – Unione Delle Universita Del Mediterraneo, in Rome, the fourth and final international meeting (4TPM) of partners implementing the RSMF project – Remote Student Monitoring Framework for Securing Exams, where Bialystok University of Technology is the lead institution, took place.

The project was funded by the Erasmus+ Program, within the framework of Key Action 2 – Cooperation partnerships in higher education. From the Faculty of Management Engineering, the following participants attended the meeting: Prof. Joanna Ejdys, Prof. Marta Jarocka. Representatives of all partner institutions also participated in the meeting:

    1. The Neapolis University of Paphos (Cyprus),
    1. University of Piraeus Research Center (Greece),
    1. Unimed – Unione Delle Universita Del Mediterraneo (Italy),
    1. Enoros Consulting Ltd. (Cyprus).

The project’s objective was to develop and test an IT tool that enables the verification of student identity and the monitoring of student behavior during remote exams. This meeting marked the conclusion of a 24-month project. Within the project, three main results were achieved:

  • Result 1. Accredited Framework for Monitoring the Security of Remote Examinations (Led by Bialystok University of Technology)
  • Result 2. Handbook for Remote Examinations in Higher Education (Led by the University of Piraeus)
  • Result 3. Platform for Monitoring Remote Students (Led by The Neapolis University of Paphos)

This two-year project provided an excellent opportunity to build lasting relationships with project partners that will lead to new initiatives in the future. Factors contributing to the success of this fruitful partnership included task allocation based on the competencies of the teams, clearly defined responsibilities among the partners, openness to new challenges, flexibility, and effective communication. After the final RSMF project meeting, all partners left the event with the conviction that they will soon collaborate on preparing a new project proposal, continuing the work initiated by the RSMF project.


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